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While playing Civilization 5 with Nick, I started listening to the ambient music and then a light bulb came over my head. Nick was playing the American Washington leader and it was his turn, all of a sudden Wonder Woman episodes popped in my head. Thought I was nuts for a moment but realized the music was nearly the same for the dramatic scenes in the TV series.

To give a better idea of what the hell I am referring to; I recorded a sample on my iPhone so I could upload to my blog. In any case, check out the recorded sample from the game in the above audio player. And if you are familiar with the old hit TV Series of Wonder Woman, which I think just about every one of my generation is, let me know what you think. Either I am losing my mind faster than I originally thought or my memory recall abilities are miraculously supernatural; considering my age and historical dramatic events throughout this life of mine, the word “miraculous” is by far the most apropos word used in poor diction.

Anyway, more random tidbits than crazy tidbits in today’s blog post. Talk to you soon.


I feel inspired by just one man after reading excerpts of various quotes from his life found in the recent obituary. From just a few quotes I read, I sensed and became drawn to the conclusion; Steve developed critical thinking as a young man and ever so tightly squeezed all his focus into looking at most everything in life from the “big picture.” Possibly never intimidated by the immense pressure of logically finding solutions for business finding solutions logically fitting the span of any entities life-cycle.

Perhaps you will enjoy this article as much as I did. Let me know if it inspired you too, and don’t skip on commenting on the inspiration specifics.

May the universe keep your spirit ever vigilant.


While visiting my family in Virginia, I thought I would leave a few extra days early and visit a friend in North Carolina on the way home. I’ve been here in NC for a few days and will be finally headed home tomorrow.

Anyway, so my friend Rachael has a Siamese (we uses to be roommate many years ago so I am buddies with him) however she really hasn’t had the time or will have the time to give him the full attention he needs and craves since she had her twins. And she’s been asking me if I wanted him for a while now but then it hit me. I need another bud around the house since Taylor died and I already know and love his personality; basically the shoe fits.

His name is Jax. We are on the road traveling tomorrow with all his things and to get him settled into his new home.


Nick and I went to the movies and saw Harry Potter at the IMAX. Decided to see it on Sunday matinee when the lines crowd and price were down.

Man were we shocked when we got there at 9 AM. Packed!!! Who knew it would be such a madhouse that early?


News rushed through my back patio door today. Nick’s eyes were lit up with freedom and hope to an end of a long state of idleness.  Very recently he applied for a job at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Today they called for an interview. His face as well as his eyes trusted even more so now, the universe would see him well throughout this journey.  It was as I said before, “When you are desperate, keep putting a foot forward to stay in motion and to demonstrate determination for a need.”

Basically the universe will provide — but the trick to figuring out its schedule is merely knowing and accepting whatever it is your heart desires and needs will come, but there is a high probability rate the salvation will arrive near the end.  So the end will not come when it is not ready and gifts are not bestowed upon those that sit idle.

Very happy for him and proud of him today. Can you relate to really having a general sense of joy for someone when good things come their way, I mean really brightens your day too even though you are not affected by the change in someone else’s life?


Why I was up at the twilight hours, not sure, however a buzz sounded off somewhere deep inside my brain and a light came on above my head.  Tomorrow was indeed Dixon’s birthday. I hadn’t heard from him in a while – indifferent in the notion, so I thought I might just send him a eCard.  They are somewhat impersonal but nonetheless it is the thought that counts in the end; furthermore, I do not have his address so it is either don’t send one at all or pick out something online.

Too many “ok” ones as I browse through the huge selection of cards. One grabbed my attention because it seemed fitting to run across such a statement on a digital card — one in which I couldn’t pass up.

Deep down, he hurts because of the same reasons I hurt – the lack of trust and respect displayed in relationships.  He and I both stick to our values (well so I am pretty sure he does – I know not otherwise) when it comes the the higher ideal of love and companionship.

Dixon replied the following evening on his 40th year, my gesture was sweet.  Further he went on to briefly mention news update on his back situation and how his surgery took place earlier this month.  Recovery looks good he says, but the healing is slow and induces much discomfort and a huge infringement on mobility. I wish him a speedy recovery and as always wishing happier days find his doorstep when all other lights have gone out.


Unreal sometimes how things can happen when you least expect them.  Usually when you need them the most; well most of the time just like the scenario I am about to describe where something completely pleasantly unexpected happens.

Nick finally comes around to talk to me after he has had his time to cool off. Even though I already realize it was my mistake and need to apologize to him (however, he hasn’t been speaking to me) for a week now.. Anyway, first thing he does and I nearly fell out of my skin – he grips me in a huge hug and tells me how sorry he is over all the drama and bullshit. Huge things come in small packages and the slightest words of sincerity can erase months even years of damage.

He calls me just a few minutes ago cause i let him borrow the car and wants to know why the car is beeping.  He says the fuel light is on…. Hmmm I wonder.  Will I be finding a ride to pick him up and get gas? Lord I hope not.  LOL


Ok.. so maybe I jumped the gun and looked like an idiot with Siegi.

I got a text from him later that night, “We need to talk.”  I figured the worse was coming and would have rather got it over with and confronted the issue head on. Dreading to take another hammer to my faith in dating and humanity, I phoned him.  When he answered, I started off the conversation and jumped right into things and drilled him on his attraction level to me. He stood by his ground and pointed out that I must move, relationship-wise, at a much faster pace than him and it was all he could do at this point. I’m a patient man, well somewhat, and if anything I am definitely understanding, so I accepted his answer and his pace as a compromise on moving forward.

But before sealing the deal and continuing to date him, I had to address the voice mail I overheard.  I told him that I didn’t intentionally listen closely to hear what was being said, but I did hear it. I asked for an explanation even though it isn’t my business whether or not he is dating someone else.  In fact, it wouldn’t bother me at all, however the voice mail wasn’t one of casual dating, it sounded pretty serious where emotions were concerned. He told me the voice mail was from a friend in NC, one that had been bugging him to come and visit for a while now.  He said they, meaning the person on the call and their partner, were apparently drinking a bit and just on a whim thought they would hammer him to make a visit soon.   How could I dispute it? Sounds like the truth to me, so we agreed to put it behind us and continue on.

His daughter was coming to town for spring break the following week, so that would give me some buffer time and some time to think things over if need be. Maybe I found a simple man, an honest man and a traditional man after all.


Today Siegi wanted to know what I was up to and I told him I was trying to arrange some lunch plans with some friends… which ended up flaking out at the last minute but freed up my time to do something else. Not that this is weird or anything, but he said he had to go to the store past my house to pick up some items and whatnot and offered to pick me up and we just hang out doing errands, etc.

I was cool with the invite and waited for him to come get me.  We shopped for paper goods, toothpicks, dishwashing detergent and other odds and ends product needed to survive.  After we checked out, I asked if we could stop and get something to eat on the way back; something light, like a salad or something.  There is a tasty place to eat near my house that has great salads so I suggested it and he was all for it.  As soon as we loaded up the truck and started our way home, his phone, laying on the console between us, starting ringing. He ignored it.

Again, ringing and again he ignored it.  This continued four times and he finally picked it up to see who it was and put it back down.  We continued our conversation for another 15 minutes or so, then the phone started back up again.  I told him to go ahead and answer it that I didn’t mind and wouldn’t think he was being rude; but he declined.  I think on the third round of rings this session, the person finally left a message.  He noticed the flashing light on the phone and picked it up to listen to it.

I’m sure he didn’t realize, but when the voicemail played on the phone, it was SO loud, I could make out every word.  It was a man’s voice who kept saying “I miss you I miss you I miss you. Where are you! You need to call me.  I miss you…” exactly.

Talk about awkward..

So we get to my house and unload my stuff and he’s getting ready to leave. So I lean in for a kiss, and I get one on the cheek.  Ok, this technically makes date three and this is as far as we have got.  I’m in no hurry to speed things up but at this rate, I’ll be 80 before we even commit to being exclusive. So I asked him what was up and if he found me attractive, cause I sure didn’t feel it. He said he totally did and then bolted out the door with the words trailing behind him, “you call me or I’ll call you later on or sometime this week… ”

That was it.. gone.  Immediately I started tripping. 1. He is apparently seeing someone else due to the phone call.  However, that is ok, we are not tied to each other in a committed anything at this point so I have no reason to get upset over it.  2. .. hell I don’t even know what 2 is.

I just feel strange is all, and I am probably over-reacting. Regardless, I decided to text him, “I’m getting a strange vibe from you today, like you aren’t interested in going out again. Any reason I should be getting these vibes?”  2 hours go by with no response. And finally he texts me back, “Its’ not your fault. Have a good time tonight.”

Totally a brush off, eh.  I’ll continue to trip out.


So I had planned to break off the dating with Siegi last night. Just because I wasn’t feeling it or I felt too smothered. But I think it was because I really wasn’t giving him a chance cause I was somewhat still hung up on Chris. Apparently more bothered than what I thought I was.

Anyway Siegi came over and made dinner for me; I did the side items. Over dinner and wine the lips loosened and he opened up to me as we started talking about sex and romance. He said he didn’t have sex much because it’s emotional to him and he gets attached afterward. I was so thrilled to hear! Could I have really found a man with great traditional values who also views sex as something emotional and connected?

I cancelled the breakup and put on the rose colored glasses. We spent the rest of the night getting to know each other as I ended up falling asleep in his arms.

Around 1 AM, I woke up and he got ready to go home. He commented that I was sawing logs…didn’t realized I snored but wasn’t too embarrassed as I saw the cute grin on his face.

Woke up with the world full of color — I’m not so alone afterall.