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Archive for May 1994

May 28, 1994

Who am I kidding? I think the answer to my question yesterday is simple…everyone but myself. Honestly, inside myself I am assured that I coulw never date Scottie again, but I do know that I would “want” to sleep with him again, but whether I actually commit the act is out of the question.  I […]

May 26, 1994

Today as once again I started contemplating about Scottie.  Sometimes I question myself about whether I am still in love with him or not. I talk to myself all the time about certain future situations in our lives where it a Scott vs. Doug thing. Usually I mention my life without him in a certain […]

The Beginning

May 26, 1994

And so the world begins to be logged, at least the world through my eyes.  I started this journal to hopefully get a better outside glance at the ever growing complicated road I will travel. This is a powerful journey as are many things that I seem to be involved in. A moving experience of […]