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Archive for August 2005

[insert name]-alicious

August 28, 2005

I have to give credit where credit is due. Many years ago, when I lived in Virginia Beach, VA, this girl, Sandra, I met through a mutual friend became the riot of my life. When she first met me, she called me Dougalicious. Hence, if you are ever around me, you’ll hear me say [insert […]

Oxbo Trail – Update

August 27, 2005

Oxbo Trail,Roswell,Hiking Today I went on the 1.9 mile hike around the Oxbo trail near Historick Roswell, GA. While out there, I noticed that my map covered the non-National Park area.. but found a trail that led to an actual National Park Reserve… so I took it. Followed some signs with arrows then came to […]

XP Firewall – CMD Line

August 27, 2005

XP,Windows My file server will no longer let me manage Firewall Settings through the control panel. Here is the message "Due to unidentified problem, Windows cannot display Windows Firewall Settings." Nice, eh. Might as well just say, "Stop clicking me… .not gonna work." Either phrase has the same meaning in this scenario. Well if you […]

ISO Human Spatula

August 26, 2005

Visiting Teavana, I was told I could substitute a mixture of Mate Vana and Roobis Chai for coffee, since those two teas are labeled as "eye openers." Tea, naturally good for you just isn’t getting the job done for me as early as I need it to. Sure, if I wait 3 hours.. I feel […]

Hang Those Sheets (wrapp’em round and round)

August 26, 2005

Today on MSN, I located an article on how to be fabulous at decorating for half the cost. I was horrified to find that MSN was giving advice to people to visit Goodwill and purchase sheets for curtains! Instructions included: cutting a sheet in half and wrapping it round and round to form a valance. […]

Money, What’s It Good For

August 25, 2005

Well the time has come when I need to open up my design business again. Not making enough money. So if you know of anyone that needs any corporate identity work done. Please send them my way. Samples are located in my photo gallery.

Corporate Babble

August 24, 2005

Buzzwords “Offshore resources” – does the company now hire people out in the middle of the ocean to do development or programming? Do we have a new SP site in the South Pacific? Do we have business analysts on oil rigs? If we used "coastal resources", would that be more appealing? Perhaps we could get […]


August 24, 2005

You ever go to bed at night but then can’t sleep because you’re feet are too hot or your sunburnt or it is simply just too hot in the room to get a good nights rest? I share these problems with you, so you are not alone. However, there is hope for us! Recently on […]

California Law to Protect Children of Homosexuals

August 23, 2005

This is huge. Making gay person(s) responsible for their children’s welfare is one step towards recognizing that we should be treated as humans with responsibilities. Even though gay love is not recognized in the judicial courts; there is hope since are judicially held responsible for their actions when they bring life into the world or […]

When It’s Over…It’s Over

August 23, 2005

The hiking weekend didn’t go as planned. The camera never arrived; Kevin and I got into a "discussion" which ended our relationship. I suppose it was long overdue; but you can’t blame me for trying. Next? No way, I am ready to not date at all. It is time for me to explore more parts […]