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Archive for March 2006

The Cursor Property

March 30, 2006

"…modify the cursor for acronym elements because in essence the acronym acts like a help element when the mouse is hovered over it. So when the mouse cursor is put over an acronym, the help bubble is displayed to elaborate the text designated by the author…" A preview from my latest CSS tutorial article on […]

Pseudoclasses are Pseudo Cool

March 29, 2006

Learn about pseudoclasses and how to style links on my latest CSS article. With these helpful tips you no longer have to live with those boring hyperlinks.


March 29, 2006

CSS,W3 Schools A a new topic, the acronym element, is discussed and explained on my web site. Check it out for the latest information on why and how to use the acronym in your web documents. Further detailed standardized information may be obtained from w3.org.

AI Prediction

March 29, 2006

Bucky Covington,American Idol Although I was not impressed with any one performance last night on American Idol, I will give my prediction for the next vote-off. I really think Bucky is next to go and here is why: What was he singing? Could you understand the words? No and No. Furthermore on the subject, I […]

Audry Raines – Guilty

March 28, 2006

24,Audrey Raines As many of you 24 fans noticed, last week Audrey Raines alledgedly sold information to terrorists using her contacts at the Department of Defense and CTU. If you remember back to, i think, last season; Audrey was kidnapped with her father, the Secretary of Defense, by terrorists as a diversion to a much […]

CSS Tips and More

March 27, 2006

CSS My first article is now live on my website. The first section I am compiling hints and tips for is the CSS section. I am strongly devoted to sharing knowledge about CSS and why it is a valuable solution to developer production levels. Hopefully, with my articles, I can assist in taking down the […]

Reviewing Opinions for American Idol 2006

March 22, 2006

Quote As Simon would say, last night was Kareoke night on Idol… Mandisa and Paris I think best represented the 50’s theme, although I still do not like Paris for some strange reason, she is too cookie cutter for me. Man-Diva ruled the night though, like Randy said, she set the bar and I think […]

I’m Going to Google You

March 20, 2006

Quote from Article: Mz6 wrote to mention an article in the NY Daily News stating that an increasing number of employers are Googling their prospective employees during the interview/hiring process. From the article: "’A friend of mine posted a picture of me on My Space with my eyes half closed and a caption that suggests […]

50s Night on Idol

March 20, 2006

American Idol Well the theme will be songs from the 50s. I wish I could think of some good ones for Lisa and Elliot to sing but I cannot at this point. Too many distractions are keeping me from my high priority goals today. LOL! Remember, everyone vote for Lisa, Taylor, Mandisa and Elliott tomorrow […]

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody”

March 18, 2006

Lisa Tucker,Whitney Houston Lisa Tucker! Please start singing Whitney Houston; you already said you loved singing those songs; so show America that you have it in you; before it is too late! I, for one, would be greatly disappointed to see Lisa Tucker with the lowest number of votes. I fell in love with her […]