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Archive for July 2008

Brian – Round 2

July 22, 2008

When did someone get me on the rollercoaster? I love the thrills but not sure if I am ready for a rollercoaster of this caliber. Nonetheless, Brian and I are back together… we are taking things a bit slower this time and not rushing into things. It was apparently too much pressure too soon for […]

Brian – the end

July 20, 2008

What a great journey it was; spending a wonderful time with someone who I have come to care deeply about. But as many journeys in life, the perspective of the trip isn’t always the same. Right now, I am too confused, sad, angry, frustrated, lost, blah blah blah to even formulate a post and articulate […]

Wow…and after the show

July 18, 2008

So this jerry guy…… What the he'll was that out fit. Sad, he chose a fabric like material and still couldn't make it into anything. Who could do better than this? I'm sure I could. But I'm sure this wasn't his strong suit. (no pun intended). Sent from my iPhone

Project Runway- First Impressions

July 18, 2008

So far I was sold at the intro, this biker style chick, Stella, says "make clothes for pimps, hookers, whoever is tough enough to wear it." Next, I love the Asian plug. They can see but can they design? Wesley Naugt….mmm. The Keith guy gets cuter the more I look at him. Anyway, let me […]

Be Beautiful, Today

July 14, 2008

Do you love yourself or beat yourself down each day because your self image is poor? Know what’s real.

No excuses, I’ve vanished

July 14, 2008

Let me hang my head and beat myself up a bit over the fact I have not been the avid blogger I once was a few months ago. I know I said no excuses, however, let me start by giving a few. Number uno… meet this guy named Brian back in May. Should I say […]