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A new addiction – finally!

I’ve always been into video games, even as a child, and apparently I am still one at times. SO anyways, been looking for a game that holds my interest for quite some time. I’ve played some great ones in the past and miss them dearly. They provided hours of wonderful entertainment where you use your brain, hand /eye coordination.. etc. (note: they are not good for your figure so get out and workout from time to time).

Just finished beta testing a new game called Warhammer Online. It promised A LOT, things that have been missing from every cookie cutter game on the market these days. Previously, all production comopanies did was take a game, write the same code, promise a million new things, and deliver a bunch of bugs at launch.

Mythic, creators of Warhammer Online, have done so much more… they delivered with a nuclear bomb! Ive never seen anything like it…never played anything like it. The only draw back is, I know I will have to check myself on spending too much time on the computer. Games can be addicting, and maybe that is what I need for a while to take my mind of my health, bad relationships, stressful job with long hours. Works for me. The battle against Evil begins — check out the trailer!

Are there any games you played that were so much fun you had to pull yourself away?


2 Responses to “A new addiction – finally!”

  1. nice intro vid – i like how they show a variety of classed characters, and i chuckled when the female sorcerer froze the elfin paladin and blew her a kiss šŸ˜‰

  2. Any chance I might see you there? Muahahhaha. That would be fun!

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