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Archive for December 2009

Watch Out for Storyline Mode

December 29, 2009

I got this wild hair to create all my friends and move them into the neighborhood so I could see what would happen as time progresses. In doing so, I didn’t realize that storyline mode had the ability to move my main household as well as any other household out of my game because they […]

Presets and Me

December 27, 2009

Finally figured out that all the Sims I’ve been downloading are in the "presets" and not in households. Which means, my peeps I created and uploaded were only households and not just the look and bio of my characters. Bummer! So I started with creating my best friend Liz and then recreated my self image […]

Custom Fabrics and Patterns

December 27, 2009

Found a website that is pretty detailed on how to create custom patterns and content that can be used in the game. Took a while but this website is probably the best I have found. If anyone has any other links on this subject, please post and I appreciate it.

Returning for World Adventures

December 20, 2009

The Sims 3,The Sims 3: World Adventures So for Christmas, my friend Kailah, bought me World Adventures. What a treat and and exciting time for me to return to The Sims and start this journey again. Happy Traveling. I started my own Sims page to keep track of my creations as well as other tidbits […]