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A Nice Change

So I had planned to break off the dating with Siegi last night. Just because I wasn’t feeling it or I felt too smothered. But I think it was because I really wasn’t giving him a chance cause I was somewhat still hung up on Chris. Apparently more bothered than what I thought I was.

Anyway Siegi came over and made dinner for me; I did the side items. Over dinner and wine the lips loosened and he opened up to me as we started talking about sex and romance. He said he didn’t have sex much because it’s emotional to him and he gets attached afterward. I was so thrilled to hear! Could I have really found a man with great traditional values who also views sex as something emotional and connected?

I cancelled the breakup and put on the rose colored glasses. We spent the rest of the night getting to know each other as I ended up falling asleep in his arms.

Around 1 AM, I woke up and he got ready to go home. He commented that I was sawing logs…didn’t realized I snored but wasn’t too embarrassed as I saw the cute grin on his face.

Woke up with the world full of color — I’m not so alone afterall.


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