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Seriously? Really? WTF?

Today Siegi wanted to know what I was up to and I told him I was trying to arrange some lunch plans with some friends… which ended up flaking out at the last minute but freed up my time to do something else. Not that this is weird or anything, but he said he had to go to the store past my house to pick up some items and whatnot and offered to pick me up and we just hang out doing errands, etc.

I was cool with the invite and waited for him to come get me.  We shopped for paper goods, toothpicks, dishwashing detergent and other odds and ends product needed to survive.  After we checked out, I asked if we could stop and get something to eat on the way back; something light, like a salad or something.  There is a tasty place to eat near my house that has great salads so I suggested it and he was all for it.  As soon as we loaded up the truck and started our way home, his phone, laying on the console between us, starting ringing. He ignored it.

Again, ringing and again he ignored it.  This continued four times and he finally picked it up to see who it was and put it back down.  We continued our conversation for another 15 minutes or so, then the phone started back up again.  I told him to go ahead and answer it that I didn’t mind and wouldn’t think he was being rude; but he declined.  I think on the third round of rings this session, the person finally left a message.  He noticed the flashing light on the phone and picked it up to listen to it.

I’m sure he didn’t realize, but when the voicemail played on the phone, it was SO loud, I could make out every word.  It was a man’s voice who kept saying “I miss you I miss you I miss you. Where are you! You need to call me.  I miss you…” exactly.

Talk about awkward..

So we get to my house and unload my stuff and he’s getting ready to leave. So I lean in for a kiss, and I get one on the cheek.  Ok, this technically makes date three and this is as far as we have got.  I’m in no hurry to speed things up but at this rate, I’ll be 80 before we even commit to being exclusive. So I asked him what was up and if he found me attractive, cause I sure didn’t feel it. He said he totally did and then bolted out the door with the words trailing behind him, “you call me or I’ll call you later on or sometime this week… ”

That was it.. gone.  Immediately I started tripping. 1. He is apparently seeing someone else due to the phone call.  However, that is ok, we are not tied to each other in a committed anything at this point so I have no reason to get upset over it.  2. .. hell I don’t even know what 2 is.

I just feel strange is all, and I am probably over-reacting. Regardless, I decided to text him, “I’m getting a strange vibe from you today, like you aren’t interested in going out again. Any reason I should be getting these vibes?”  2 hours go by with no response. And finally he texts me back, “Its’ not your fault. Have a good time tonight.”

Totally a brush off, eh.  I’ll continue to trip out.


2 Responses to “Seriously? Really? WTF?”

  1. I really wish he’d be more up front with you. Letting the phone ring continuously like that is just rude. Not only to you but to whomever he’s not telling you about.

    It’s very awkward that cell phones are so loud, but I think in this case it’s a very good thing. It shows you the other side of Seigi (the side about being secretive) or deceitful, but I don’t want to get your hopes up either! I also can’t believe that he’d brush you off like that.

    I hope things get better for you and he comes clean.


  2. The phone thing…it kills me. I have been there & it totally sucks. Makes you wants to fling their fracking phone out the car window.

    I can get a bit emotional..I tend to cry when i get angry & last time something like this happened i had to fight crying with every ounce of strength in my body… I barely made it home without loosing it. In a perfect world I would have punched dude in the face & told him how he really wasn’t that good in bed, that size really does matter & that he had man breast… (he did, it was kind of gross)

    I like your blog, I totally identify with your experiences… The whole process of dating… its stop & go constantly. The whole thing is like being manic depressive… But there are decent people out there. Not perfect, but definitely decent.

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