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Simmer Down Young Lad

Ok.. so maybe I jumped the gun and looked like an idiot with Siegi.

I got a text from him later that night, “We need to talk.”  I figured the worse was coming and would have rather got it over with and confronted the issue head on. Dreading to take another hammer to my faith in dating and humanity, I phoned him.  When he answered, I started off the conversation and jumped right into things and drilled him on his attraction level to me. He stood by his ground and pointed out that I must move, relationship-wise, at a much faster pace than him and it was all he could do at this point. I’m a patient man, well somewhat, and if anything I am definitely understanding, so I accepted his answer and his pace as a compromise on moving forward.

But before sealing the deal and continuing to date him, I had to address the voice mail I overheard.  I told him that I didn’t intentionally listen closely to hear what was being said, but I did hear it. I asked for an explanation even though it isn’t my business whether or not he is dating someone else.  In fact, it wouldn’t bother me at all, however the voice mail wasn’t one of casual dating, it sounded pretty serious where emotions were concerned. He told me the voice mail was from a friend in NC, one that had been bugging him to come and visit for a while now.  He said they, meaning the person on the call and their partner, were apparently drinking a bit and just on a whim thought they would hammer him to make a visit soon.   How could I dispute it? Sounds like the truth to me, so we agreed to put it behind us and continue on.

His daughter was coming to town for spring break the following week, so that would give me some buffer time and some time to think things over if need be. Maybe I found a simple man, an honest man and a traditional man after all.


2 Responses to “Simmer Down Young Lad”

  1. Douggie – you’re right you just never know you might have found the right one. Or not. These things can go either way and you just have to hope for the best.

    It’s all about compromise – don’t you hate this phrase though? Why should we have to compromise? Maybe when I was in kindergarten, but I’m an adult now and I really don’t HAVE to compromise in order to get along with everyone.

    Meh. I wish you the best regardless and hopefully if he is the right one that he’s honest, open, and a good person.

    BTW: the url of my blog has changed if you wanna update your blogroll 😉

    • It sounds sometimes like I am “looking real hard” for this “one” doesn’t it? In actuality, I am — but on a more gentle and slow moving vessel. Over the years of dating, and I should be considered to be somewhat an expert by now, I have found lots of joy in meeting new people; trust me, they are interesting and somewhat shocking sometimes but nonetheless, interesting.

      I updated your URL in my blogroll — thanks for the update!

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