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Amazing Things Happen in Life

Unreal sometimes how things can happen when you least expect them.  Usually when you need them the most; well most of the time just like the scenario I am about to describe where something completely pleasantly unexpected happens.

Nick finally comes around to talk to me after he has had his time to cool off. Even though I already realize it was my mistake and need to apologize to him (however, he hasn’t been speaking to me) for a week now.. Anyway, first thing he does and I nearly fell out of my skin – he grips me in a huge hug and tells me how sorry he is over all the drama and bullshit. Huge things come in small packages and the slightest words of sincerity can erase months even years of damage.

He calls me just a few minutes ago cause i let him borrow the car and wants to know why the car is beeping.  He says the fuel light is on…. Hmmm I wonder.  Will I be finding a ride to pick him up and get gas? Lord I hope not.  LOL


One Response to “Amazing Things Happen in Life”

  1. Turns out he didn’t put the emergency brake all the way down. I tried not to flip out in front of him but I think he was aware it bothered me. Well of course it would, who would drive the car with it beeping continuously? He would. I suspect he had something to smoke before getting behind the wheel. This is probably the last time I will trust him with the car to go hang out with friends. Not a good idea was it?

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