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How Could I Not Send It?

Why I was up at the twilight hours, not sure, however a buzz sounded off somewhere deep inside my brain and a light came on above my head.  Tomorrow was indeed Dixon’s birthday. I hadn’t heard from him in a while – indifferent in the notion, so I thought I might just send him a eCard.  They are somewhat impersonal but nonetheless it is the thought that counts in the end; furthermore, I do not have his address so it is either don’t send one at all or pick out something online.

Too many “ok” ones as I browse through the huge selection of cards. One grabbed my attention because it seemed fitting to run across such a statement on a digital card — one in which I couldn’t pass up.

Deep down, he hurts because of the same reasons I hurt – the lack of trust and respect displayed in relationships.  He and I both stick to our values (well so I am pretty sure he does – I know not otherwise) when it comes the the higher ideal of love and companionship.

Dixon replied the following evening on his 40th year, my gesture was sweet.  Further he went on to briefly mention news update on his back situation and how his surgery took place earlier this month.  Recovery looks good he says, but the healing is slow and induces much discomfort and a huge infringement on mobility. I wish him a speedy recovery and as always wishing happier days find his doorstep when all other lights have gone out.


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