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Trust There is a Path

News rushed through my back patio door today. Nick’s eyes were lit up with freedom and hope to an end of a long state of idleness.  Very recently he applied for a job at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Today they called for an interview. His face as well as his eyes trusted even more so now, the universe would see him well throughout this journey.  It was as I said before, “When you are desperate, keep putting a foot forward to stay in motion and to demonstrate determination for a need.”

Basically the universe will provide — but the trick to figuring out its schedule is merely knowing and accepting whatever it is your heart desires and needs will come, but there is a high probability rate the salvation will arrive near the end.  So the end will not come when it is not ready and gifts are not bestowed upon those that sit idle.

Very happy for him and proud of him today. Can you relate to really having a general sense of joy for someone when good things come their way, I mean really brightens your day too even though you are not affected by the change in someone else’s life?


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