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Civilization 5 Music Score: Straight from Wonder Woman??


While playing Civilization 5 with Nick, I started listening to the ambient music and then a light bulb came over my head. Nick was playing the American Washington leader and it was his turn, all of a sudden Wonder Woman episodes popped in my head. Thought I was nuts for a moment but realized the music was nearly the same for the dramatic scenes in the TV series.

To give a better idea of what the hell I am referring to; I recorded a sample on my iPhone so I could upload to my blog. In any case, check out the recorded sample from the game in the above audio player. And if you are familiar with the old hit TV Series of Wonder Woman, which I think just about every one of my generation is, let me know what you think. Either I am losing my mind faster than I originally thought or my memory recall abilities are miraculously supernatural; considering my age and historical dramatic events throughout this life of mine, the word “miraculous” is by far the most apropos word used in poor diction.

Anyway, more random tidbits than crazy tidbits in today’s blog post. Talk to you soon.


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