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About Me

Who me? Simple yet multifaceted; always willing to learn improvements and to share adventures within your life as well as tell the stories of my own. Always the student or the teacher.

I laugh at about everything in life, so don’t go thinking you are all that funny.

Whether I am like everyone else is for you decide; whether I care about what you think is for me to decide. When in conversation with me, either let me speak without your judgement or give me the script you would have me read. I almost never eat out because I enjoy cooking, unless you ask me to brunch (mmm). I do not snore when I sleep, if you claim that I do, I surely deny it. I sing in the shower without realizing it. I am more of a talker but try to listen before I speak. I never have road rage except when the slower traffic keeps left. I believe that nothing happens by coincidence. I eat my side items before the main dish. I’m freaked out by snakes and body-odor. I hide from and ignore drama. I am economical. I am a neat freak or as I like to call it, organized. I floss daily. I am embarrassed to get a pedicure but I get them anyway because they feel soooo good. Being caught in the rain brings a smile to my face.


6 Responses to “About Me”

  1. I just today discovered that if you clicked on a book in your booklist, blogger would provide a list of all the other bloggers with the same book in their list. And that’s what led me here.

    You sound like a nice guy. I was in Atlanta years ago; it was freezing cold so I left.

    Have a good life,

    • Freezing cold, eh? Curious as to where you live since it has been a sweat box here all summer. Too hot to even go outside for the most part.

  2. It was years ago, and in the winter. A friend and I were traveling from Tampa to Chicago. When we got to Atlanta in the evening it was pleasant, but when we got up the next morning it was below freezing and the wind was blowing. We thought we had gone to bed in Atlanta and woke up in Chicago.

    Today I live in Yuma, AZ. If it gets below 60 I start complaining.

    Not curious about our mutually liked book?

    • I bet the book was City of Night? Just a hunch but it is the only book I have read with actual substance to warrant a comment or even a follow-through link from the general public.

  3. That’s the one. I was living in Manhattan when I read it, as soon as it came out in paperback (I go back a ways.) Nothing else got done ’til I had finished it. I was in Los Angeles when Numbers came out, and later I read The Sexual Outlaw, but I wasn’t as impressed. City was a hard act to follow.

    I just looked John Rechy up on Wikipedia and was surprised to find he’s written a bunch of other books.

    When I clicked that link I was just so surprised to find so many people had listed it. It was all so long ago, I was surprised that any one had even heard of it. It was a scandalous book when it came out and I guess I had figured when the scandal died the book would too.

    • I haven’t read another book as timeless and compelling as City of Night; if there is one that exists. What captivated me the most was the structure of society and the foibles of gay men described in great detail as the story unfolds have changed very little from the 1950’s to today. I’m not saying that no progress is made, but the attitudes that drive relationships and misdirected malcontent of attraction in the gay world today is written out clearly in a book way before today’s time. Creepy yet intriguing isn’t it?

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