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Giving back – Idol

April 10, 2008

Moved by the Idol Gives Back Foundation tonight on American Idol, I was extremely moved by the touching story of four brothers; the oldest being 15. They have lost everything to AIDS, and it was up to the 15 year old to continue to take care of the younger brothers. I’m sure that not one […]

Bored? Lonely? – Read a Book!

April 18, 2006

Crime Discussion on Article A crime is usually just another crime, but it was the headlines that captured my interest this morning. The story is about a typical blogger who speaks about being most bored in his life but overall pretty happy (which sounded like me). Then the story unfolds to reveal not-so-similar like-ness to […]

Talking about The Tragedy of Today’s Gays

August 11, 2005

Speaking about article: Panties all across the gay ghettos of America are rapidly forming into wads over Larry Kramer’s newest diatribe, The Tragedy of Today’s Gays. Kramer, famous for not holding back even a microscopic amount of vitriol, is doing what I have long been wanting to see – he’s takin’ the gays to task […]