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A New Family Member

December 11, 2010

While visiting my family in Virginia, I thought I would leave a few extra days early and visit a friend in North Carolina on the way home. I’ve been here in NC for a few days and will be finally headed home tomorrow. Anyway, so my friend Rachael has a Siamese (we uses to be […]

Trust There is a Path

October 28, 2010

News rushed through my back patio door today. Nick’s eyes were lit up with freedom and hope to an end of a long state of idleness.  Very recently he applied for a job at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Today they called for an interview. His face as well as his eyes trusted even more so now, the […]

That’s Just Wrong!

September 1, 2008

So check this story out. I was chatting with the mom earler this week, dicussing this and that, but she mentioned how thrilled she was to be mailing off her final vehicle payment. Naturally I was excited with her; who doesn’t want to get those vehicles paid off. She continues to tell me, when she […]

Marigolds and Mom

April 9, 2008

Did some minor upgrades to the yard. Nothing crazy, just tore up the grass around the mailbox and put some color in; other bulbs are still in the ground. Around the sidewalk to the house, I added some yellow and green shrubs to pose as a nice accent and to take away from all the […]