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Civilization 5 Music Score: Straight from Wonder Woman??

January 10, 2012

While playing Civilization 5 with Nick, I started listening to the ambient music and then a light bulb came over my head. Nick was playing the American Washington leader and it was his turn, all of a sudden Wonder Woman episodes popped in my head. Thought I was nuts for a moment but realized the […]

I Wonder, I Hope!

October 10, 2009

Ok, so remember when I went to that rave a couple months ago?  Just so happens another concert is happening in the same place. Now it’s kinda the same venue, not really a "rave" I would say, but its a great showing — TIESTO! Now who doesn’t know this guy? I’ll be silly and say […]

Retracing Steps

July 5, 2009

For the 4th, I was invited to this rave. I contemplated on going, one, I feel somewhat a little too old do be leaping around town from party to party and, two, it’s usually just a hangout for the younger crowd. But not being a stranger to these type of events and would be in […]

Organizing Electronic Music Genres

August 30, 2008

Five years ago, I had everything completely sorted and organized to perfection for my extensive music collection. A harddrive failure ruined me — not that I lost any music (im good about backups), but I lost all my settings for genres, ratings, play count, all of it. Devastating to me as I rely on Smart […]

Dolly Parton Concert

April 30, 2008

Been meaning to post about the Dolly concert,however it kept slipping my mind. Anyway, so Tim from work graciously offers to take me to the Dolly concert since he had a friend that cancelled. I love being on standby for a number of reasons: its’ non-committal and usually free. On the way down, Tim asks […]

Dolly is too bright!

April 30, 2008

I can't get a good enough focus on her. Her boobs have to much glitter.

Ethereal Haley

April 1, 2008

Came across this artist the other day while looking through some websites. I know my friend Heath will love it; if he hasn’t already discovered her.

Who gets the kick tonight?

April 1, 2008

Without seeing the American Idol tonight, I would like to call out a prediction of who I think will get it. Now, in saying that, I would like for the dreadlocks guy to get the kick; however, I think he has a fan base that will keep him around a bit longer. Realistically: Syesha Mercado […]


March 20, 2008

Its bullshit. America kept that kristie lee ?? Bahhhhhhhhh! Gah this is why I hate American idol. Can't wait till next week. Wooooooo Sent from my iPhone

Amanda too??

March 20, 2008

Nuts! Amanda in the bottom three as well! I think the producers are screwing with the public to get us to vote more? What do you think… Sent from my iPhone