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A New Family Member

December 11, 2010

While visiting my family in Virginia, I thought I would leave a few extra days early and visit a friend in North Carolina on the way home. I’ve been here in NC for a few days and will be finally headed home tomorrow. Anyway, so my friend Rachael has a Siamese (we uses to be […]

Harry Potter

November 21, 2010

Nick and I went to the movies and saw Harry Potter at the IMAX. Decided to see it on Sunday matinee when the lines crowd and price were down. Man were we shocked when we got there at 9 AM. Packed!!! Who knew it would be such a madhouse that early?

Amazing Things Happen in Life

October 18, 2010

Unreal sometimes how things can happen when you least expect them.  Usually when you need them the most; well most of the time just like the scenario I am about to describe where something completely pleasantly unexpected happens. Nick finally comes around to talk to me after he has had his time to cool off. […]

A Nice Change

February 27, 2010

So I had planned to break off the dating with Siegi last night. Just because I wasn’t feeling it or I felt too smothered. But I think it was because I really wasn’t giving him a chance cause I was somewhat still hung up on Chris. Apparently more bothered than what I thought I was. […]

The Beginning

May 26, 1994

And so the world begins to be logged, at least the world through my eyes.  I started this journal to hopefully get a better outside glance at the ever growing complicated road I will travel. This is a powerful journey as are many things that I seem to be involved in. A moving experience of […]