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Seriously? Really? WTF?

February 27, 2010

Today Siegi wanted to know what I was up to and I told him I was trying to arrange some lunch plans with some friends… which ended up flaking out at the last minute but freed up my time to do something else. Not that this is weird or anything, but he said he had […]

The Palomar

February 11, 2010

Met a friend at his hotel for a drink and some chit chat and my damn brain is thinking about Chris and the recent events with him that didn’t go so well. It’s been all week since I have heard from Chris. I should just call right? Well I am going to tomorrow, I want […]

Let the Games Begin

January 29, 2010

So the first date of the year is upon me. Dread? Perhaps a little, perhaps a lot. I think the only thing different about my perspective on dating this year is I no longer get all wrapped up in the fear or being single. My attitude this year is: sure people suck, sure they do […]

Who Do We Really Know?

July 18, 2009


Curse of the Oven Clock

August 27, 2008

It’s been one of those weeks, months, where things just run together and sometimes you stop to wonder what day it is.. and what day of what week; shortly stopping to awaken to a day long past where you thought you were. Which brings me to my recent Personal Twilight Zone experience. Five nights ago, […]

Aquarian – Jan 15, 2008

January 15, 2008

“We don’t always know why we feel what we feel. Sometimes, we say things only to wonder why on earth we have said them. Occasionally, our inexplicable reactions and responses are wrong. Far more often, though, they are right for reasons that we cannot yet comprehend. Inwardly, instinctively, we may recognise something that our intellect […]

Out with the old

January 15, 2008

After much deliberation and being the keyword search result for “law of diminishing returns” or any other economical term, I decided that it was time for a change… for the better. It’s a little to dark for how I really am on the internal even though time I named it, it was apropos. I felt […]

Keyword Search

January 4, 2008

Sometimes I have fits of paranoia where I think someone is reading my blog that knows me and I am not aware of them reading it. I intentionally hide it from my friends that I tend to speak about. So since this is new blog and my old one is gone, I will continue to […]

Who Are You? What Do You Want?

May 11, 2006

I, like most people, am a creature of habit with occasional lapses for spontaneity. Even on the weekends, I rarely stray from my usual routine. 5:00 am: Hit the snooze button. 5:05 am: Feel Taylor walking across the bed multiple times. 5:10 am: Hit snooze again and mumble a few unprintables while putting my feet […]


May 3, 2006

A news clip has changed my eating habits, yet again. In Tennessee, a young man is pulled over by a state trooper because his inspection sticker was expired. No big deal, right? The officer notices the guy is delivering for Domino’s as he routinely looks in the back seat of the Buick/Mercury type car (not […]