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I’m Going to Google You

March 20, 2006

Quote from Article: Mz6 wrote to mention an article in the NY Daily News stating that an increasing number of employers are Googling their prospective employees during the interview/hiring process. From the article: "’A friend of mine posted a picture of me on My Space with my eyes half closed and a caption that suggests […]

ISO Human Spatula

August 26, 2005

Visiting Teavana, I was told I could substitute a mixture of Mate Vana and Roobis Chai for coffee, since those two teas are labeled as "eye openers." Tea, naturally good for you just isn’t getting the job done for me as early as I need it to. Sure, if I wait 3 hours.. I feel […]

Money, What’s It Good For

August 25, 2005

Well the time has come when I need to open up my design business again. Not making enough money. So if you know of anyone that needs any corporate identity work done. Please send them my way. Samples are located in my photo gallery.

The Sky Is Falling

August 10, 2005

Today’s horoscope is freaking me out. It’s so on the money, as usual. Keep work and personal matters separate as far as you can. There are no absolute dividing lines here, but this is a good time to have the best ones available. You’ll save yourself unnecessary complications from certain people who don’t exactly understand […]