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Simmer Down Young Lad

February 27, 2010

Doug bites his tongue and re-evaluates his perspective on the new guy.


I Can’t Win or Breathe!

February 22, 2010

So since my great date with Seigi on Saturday, I have been smothered with text’s non-stop.  Having a real hard time dealing with it.  Ok, I realize I can be somewhat smothering as well from time to time but I try to control it and I am getting better at giving space to people I […]

Is Univeter, German?

February 20, 2010

First meet and greet with this new guy named Siegi…. I first learned he is adopted and then the love he received from his mother that raised him left a lasting impression on his outlook on life to this day.  She seems to have taught him all the good stuff and about values and being […]

Happy Valentines – Best Wishes from a Broken Bitch

February 14, 2010

Where should I begin this post…I guess an update on the Chris situation is needed.  I made the right choice by not sleeping with him because the true colors shined through after last weekend.  I was put on the ignore list for wanting to hold out on sex until I got to know him better […]

The Palomar

February 11, 2010

Met a friend at his hotel for a drink and some chit chat and my damn brain is thinking about Chris and the recent events with him that didn’t go so well. It’s been all week since I have heard from Chris. I should just call right? Well I am going to tomorrow, I want […]

I Can’t Believe I Said That

January 30, 2010

Which is usually what I end up saying to myself after a date. However the case on today’s date did not tell the same story. I found myself listening and observing someone on a first date repeating my bad habits. I found it refreshing, not because I enjoyed it’s wasn’t me being inappropriate but because […]