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Simmer Down Young Lad

February 27, 2010

Doug bites his tongue and re-evaluates his perspective on the new guy.


Happy Valentines – Best Wishes from a Broken Bitch

February 14, 2010

Where should I begin this post…I guess an update on the Chris situation is needed.  I made the right choice by not sleeping with him because the true colors shined through after last weekend.  I was put on the ignore list for wanting to hold out on sex until I got to know him better […]

Let the Games Begin

January 29, 2010

So the first date of the year is upon me. Dread? Perhaps a little, perhaps a lot. I think the only thing different about my perspective on dating this year is I no longer get all wrapped up in the fear or being single. My attitude this year is: sure people suck, sure they do […]