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A Nice Change

February 27, 2010

So I had planned to break off the dating with Siegi last night. Just because I wasn’t feeling it or I felt too smothered. But I think it was because I really wasn’t giving him a chance cause I was somewhat still hung up on Chris. Apparently more bothered than what I thought I was. […]

Happy Valentines – Best Wishes from a Broken Bitch

February 14, 2010

Where should I begin this post…I guess an update on the Chris situation is needed.  I made the right choice by not sleeping with him because the true colors shined through after last weekend.  I was put on the ignore list for wanting to hold out on sex until I got to know him better […]

The Palomar

February 11, 2010

Met a friend at his hotel for a drink and some chit chat and my damn brain is thinking about Chris and the recent events with him that didn’t go so well. It’s been all week since I have heard from Chris. I should just call right? Well I am going to tomorrow, I want […]

Second Dates – How Fast Can They Go?

February 8, 2010

I was tasked with planning a second date with Chris and looking forward to it. We were going out on Sunday and I couldn’t find any events in Atlanta on a rainy day that would be something besides just a dinner or a lunch. Sunday rolled around and we talked about things to do and […]